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Virus Insurance

Everybody hates getting a Virus on their computer! It's the worst feeling in the world to know that some how, a criminal has infected your computer and taken over, putting your precious data and even worse, your bank information at risk.


If your computer has been infected with a virus, malware, spyware, ransomware, key loggers, trojans, or worse, we can help. Our virus removal experts can clean your computer, laptop, or server and then apply our On Call Virus Insurance™ anti-virus and web filtering solution to make sure you never have to pay for another virus removal on that computer or laptop again.


We guarantee that we will be able to diagnose and remove your computer virus and if it ever comes back we'll fix it for free! Best of all we can keep you safe with our On Call Virus Insurance™ anti-virus and web filtering solution so your computers and laptops can be properly protected by the same enterprise quality anti-virus and web filtering products all of our business clients rely on.


computer virusIf you've got a virus on your computer or laptop, bring it into us and we can get you back to normal quickly and easily, all for one low flat rate!


What is a computer virus? A virus is malicious code or programs that make their way onto your computer, often without you knowing or intending to have it there. Many times it was installed in a sneaky way such as through a phishing email or coupled unknowingly with free software you innocently downloaded. A virus can make harmful and unwanted changes to your computer, take control of your computer without you knowing, copy your data and send it back to the person who created the virus, encrypt your hard drive so you can no longer retrieve your data, and many other malicious things. Getting a virus is dangerous as often sensitive personal information such as bank account information may be compromised and sent back to virus creators for exploitation.


Who can get a virus? Anybody! That is, anybody with a computer who doesn't have the proper protection. A good quality anti-virus, malware blocker, and web filter are a good start to staying virus free. Without these basic protections in place you may be more susceptible than usual to getting a virus.


How do I remove a virus once my computer has been infected?


The short answer is bring it to On Call! Our virus removal professionals have safely removed thousands of viruses without data loss. Virus removal is very tricky and is best done by experienced professionals. Because of the sensitive nature of data and the dangers of a virus becoming worse if the wrong attempts to remove it are used (this is calling booby-trapping) we always recommend giving us a call before you make any attempts at removing the virus yourself. Thanks to our fix it or it's free guarantee, we guarantee we can remove your virus or your money back. How can you beat that! Even better, once we have removed the virus, we can apply Virus Insurance™ to your computer in order to prevent future infections and keep you safe. With Virus Insurance™ you will never pay for virus removal again!

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